Over 40 with low back pain and leg cramping?

It could be lumbar spinal stenosis. Contact us today to start living pain-free.

Lumbar spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the opens spaces in the spine. This puts extra pressure on the spinal cord and underlying nerves that weave through the spine. Let’s discuss.

The leg cramps and lower back pain brought on by lumbar spinal stenosis can be debilitating. As we age, the risk is greater for the onset of this disorder as is the pain. Find out how we treat it.

The doctors at Florida Pain Relief Group are leaders in lumbar spinal stenosis pain relief in Tampa. Partner with us to put your pain on the sidelines and you back in the game!

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Relief Now.

Although when you suffer in pain you feel alone, rest assured you are not. Not only are you possibly among the 200,000 other people reported to have a lumbar spinal stenosis each year in the United States, you’ve got the unparalleled expertise of the pain specialists at Florida Pain Relief Group on your side.

While you may be experiencing low back pain and leg cramping as symptoms, this disorder can be a bit of a sleeper. It’s not too terribly uncommon for spinal stenosis to display no signs of it’s onset. This could be a good thing in that you don’t experience pain, but a bad thing if the compression of the spine goes unnoticed and leads to other issues.

Lumbar spinal stenosis is most common in people 40 years-old and older. If you feel you are at-risk, please contact one of our Tampa pain relief clinics today.

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